Retiring in Australia

Retirement in Australia offers a high quality of life and an opportunity to enjoy retirement in a spacious, pollution-free environment that has an abundance of natural resources and beautiful spots.

Australia’s moderate winters have made it an increasingly popular destination for retirees who seek warm, pleasant climates. Outdoors activities such as tennis, golf, lawn bowls, cycling, fishing, walking (just to name a few) are very popular and facilitate meeting like-minded people.

In addition, due to its ageing population combined to one of the highest life expectancy, the country has developed fantastic retirement facilities and is specialised in retirement health care.

From a migration perspective, coming to Australia for retirement can be quite challenging, as most Australian visas have an age limit and include health checks. Nevertheless, depending on your personal circumstances, there might be options available, such as the Investor Retirement Visa for example.


  How can AXYN assist you? 

While several visas allow you to live in Australia, it is important to include additional aspects (such as tax implications, Medicare, other family members) when deciding your immigration strategy.

Therefore, if you are considering retiring in Australia, and regardless of your age, we encourage you to click here and complete our short questionnaire. Once we have reviewed your answers, we will contact you as soon as possible in order to discuss the next steps.