Working in Australia

Due to its dynamic economy, Australia has developed a skilled migration programme designated to target migrants with experience in areas where the country has a skill shortage. There are 3 broad categories of options:

- Option 1: Find an employer willing to sponsor you.
Employers have the opportunity to recruit and nominate overseas workers through various temporary and permanent visas. Consequently, if you are looking at finding a sponsor, you can either contact them directly or use SkillSelect to lodge an expression of interest.

- Option 2: Receive a State sponsorship.
Alternatively, you can seek a State sponsorship by using SkillSelect. State sponsorships are here to ensure that specific skills shortages are answered in an effective manner. There are temporary and permanent state sponsored visas, and each of them has its own specificity.

- Option 3: Apply for a visa with work rights attached.
There are plenty of Australian visas allowing you to work in Australia. As a general comment, any visa that doesn’t have a condition attached, stopping you from working in the country, will allow you to work in Australia. In addition, depending on your occupation, you might be able to directly apply for permanent residency.

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Please be aware that the Australian Migration Program is adapted to the country’s economy and updated regularly. In other words, what was a valid option in the past might not be applicable anymore!

For example, over the past few months, several changes have been announced by the Government. While the new provisions do not stop foreigners to come and work in Australia, it makes their journey to permanent residency more difficult. 


  How can AXYN assist you?

More than ever, we highly recommend that you book an initial consultation to discuss the best strategy to reach your immigration goals.

Depending on your specific circumstances (occupation, qualifications, marital status, English level, etc...), several visas might be available and knowing your options - and their implications - upfront will assist you in making the best decision.

If you are considering relocating to Australia, but want to optimise your migration strategy first, we invite you to click here to complete our short initial questionnaire and we will contact you to discuss your project.